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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  August 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> i accept your nomination for president of the united states >> mitt romney makes a promise to america. the celebrity opening act that might have stolen its thunder. >> tens of thousands of vehicles will need to find a new way around this weekend. we will tell you about the dumbarton bridge closure. >> a full moon behind me is what we're waking up to this morning. >> it is a getaway friday so you might be a bit busy out there. we're getting reports of a new accident along 101 as well. >> good morning.
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>> the time now is 6:00. we're following some developing news out of new jersey right now. a deadly shooting in the middle of the night at a shopping center is happening at the grocery center just outside of new york city. at least three people reported dead in one of them is believed to be the shooter. police have cordoned off the area. a lot of emergency personnel are there. it warning for drivers this weekend >> one of the major bay area bridges will be closed this weekend and and is at the dumbarton bridge which will be closed tonight. >> happy to report that traffic is moving smoothly here on the eastern side of the bridge. the closure will start at 10:00 tonight and run through tuesday at 5:00 a.m.. you might remember the dumbarton bridge was also close over the memorial day weekend.
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it is part of the project of improving seismic stability on the bridge. they're replacing a joint that will allow the bridge to move more in case of an earthquake. >> traffic is historical light on holiday weekends so cal trans likes to take holiday weekends to do the full bridge closures. this is the second to last closure with the dumbarton bridge. we're almost done with the project >> they will be replacing spans in all lanes of traffic which is why the need to shop whole thing down. the bridge carries about 61,000 vehicles per day between alameda and san mateo counties. runs 1.6 mi., it will be very lonely stretch until 5:00 on tuesday morning. as we have historically seen with these projects, they sometimes wrapped up early.
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right now, live in a new work >> how about the rest of the bay area traffic? >> traffic is actually fairly light but we do have one accident along 101. let me show you the san mateo bridge where traffic is flowing in both directions. this is none of the best alternates for the closure of the dumbarton bridge. use the san mateo bridge and also 237 is also a good alternate. both directions are very light with no delays to report. sometimes these closures typically end early so hopefully that will be the case. northbound 101, as you exit sfo, we have reports of an accident of the vehicle stopped on its roof. no reports of any injuries yet but we will keep you updated.
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if you're headed to sfo, >> a firefighters remains in a san jose hospital after he suffered a heart attack during a church fire downtown. he was rushed to regional medical center where he was put in a medically induced coma. ryan, a 15 year veteran of the san jose fire department is reported in critical but stable condition. oakland police are asking for victims of sexual assault in the fruit veil district to report crimes. they say several victims have reported been attacked in this area recently. they say the assaults began with men trying to rob women. victims who don't have all items of value have been sexually assaulted >> two more victims of the hand of virus in yosemite. there are now six cases among
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people who stayed in the park. two victims have died from the road inform virus. park rangers closed more than 90 cabins in curry village and aggressive disinfecting continues >> we are tearing apart places where we feel the mice might be getting into the cabins and we're actually rebuilding them. once we finish the process we will test them again to make sure that they are 100 percent of rodent proof >> the hand of virus is not contagious from human contact. symptoms take between one-four weeks to appear >> 3 deaths are blamed on isaac. the storm has been downgraded to tropical depression and has moved north into arkansas of flood waters are still covering low-lying areas. it is likely to be several more days before power is restored. mitt romney is expected to meet in virginia with the governor of louisiana.
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>> let's head over to the weather with elizabeth. >> if you have any travel plans for the midwest, this might be something you want to be aware of. even though it is a depression, we will feel the effects throughout the labor day weekend. it is moving north and will eventually move east but the center right now over arkansas is moving about 12 mi. per hour. some areas could see between four-6 in. of rain. closer to home this is what it looks like you're out the bay. some clouds and fog and even a bit of drizzle. temperatures mainly in the fifties. 57 in concord, 58 in livermore. rest of the holiday weekend things will feel cooler today and then finally warm-up by sunday.
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we will show you a look at your 7 day forecast in just a minute >> mitt romney and paul ryan hit the presidential campaign trail again today now that the convention is over >> susan mcinnis joins us live from tampa with more on the final night. >> the reviews are coming in about romney speech are very strong and they think he really delivered for the party and republicans. what is not getting reviews is what is being called a long winded speech by clint eastwood. mitt romney got a standing ovation as he entered the convention hall for the big speech of his life. >> i am proud to introduce to you if the next president of the united states of america, mitt romney >> he wasted little time making it official. >> i accept nomination for president of united states >> he focused on his life
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including an emotional not to his parents >> my mom and dad were true partners, a life lesson that shaped me by everyday example. when my mom ran for the senate my dad was there every step of the way. >> then he went to work laying out why he believes he should win in november >> i have a plan to create 12 million new jobs >> and why he thinks the president should not win >> you know there's something wrong with the job he has done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him >> mitt romney work for six years to win his party's nomination and after several days of celebrating that achievement now the real work begins. delegates on the convention floor say they are excited to go to work for mitt romney and paul ryan. >> i am anxious to go back home and make this a reality >> while the delegates all cheered for mitt romney, it was clean east would conversation
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with an empty chair that got the biggest response on twitter. as for romney speech, a lot of republicans hoped at that speech really went a long way towards letting americans know who he really is and now it is on to charlotte. democrats have their convention starting next week. >> speculation was word was filtering out there might be a surprise guest. what was the reaction to clint eastwood? >> it was not positive. people found it a little bit bizarre and very long winded. he had lived for 12 minutes when he was scheduled for 5 minutes. i want to play one of the parts of the speech which is seen as one of the more impact falls >> i just think that it is important that you realized that you are the best in the world and whether your democrat or republican or libertarian or
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whatever, you are the best and we should not ever forget that and when somebody does not do the job, we have to let them go. >> ann romney was asked about eastwood's performance and some of the other comments he made were to an empty chair that was supposed to be president obama. ann romney graciously said he is a unique guy who did a unique thing. a lot of republicans think that clint eastwood did no favors for mitt romney. >> the democrats get their turn next week and the weather is once again a concern. president obama is slated to deliver his acceptance speech at an outdoor theater. early forecasts show rain and thunderstorms are possible next thursday >> a woman busted in the carpool lane with an unusual passenger. >> the fine she was slapped with for driving with a teddy bear
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>> breaking news this morning about an earthquake that happened 547 in the morning local time in the philippines. magnitude 7.9. the tsunami center has said that an earthquake of this size is capable of generating a tsunami but at the moment is an army warning center says it is evaluating the event. in order to determine whether or not to determine if an army hazard. 7.9 is right on the verge of
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magnitude of eight which is generally deemed to be necessary for a tsunami. we have no reports of injuries or damage at this point. as soon as we find out more we will let you know. a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in the philippines. >> there is no fooling highway police. a woman thought she could pull a fast one in the diamond lane with a passenger that was a large stuffed teddy bear. the price of the ticket was $270. the driver does have an explanation as to why her childhood friend was riding shotgun. >> i was getting rid of a lot of stuff and i thought i love this bear so i thought i would have been in the car in case i did stop that good will or something. he was in the back seat for a while but i thought it would
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make my car cuter if he was in front with me. >> the driver said she normally does not break along and that is why you noticed the teddy bear was buckled in. at least she was being safe >> i don't think that was a mitigating factor. >> hopefully you are traveling just off the bay bridge. so far we're not seeing any delays through the bay bridge. traffic is clear also as you work your way into san francisco. reports of a vehicle stuck on its roof with no word of injuries. chp is on the scene and the right lane of the connector road is blocked. mobile 5 is headed over to the scene to check on that and see what delays look like in the area. elsewhere, west down 580 we
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have reports of an accident. through the altamont pass we see slightly slow and go conditions. lots of green on 24, no delays and everything is clear as you work your way towards the caldecott tunnel. mass-transit looks good this morning. >> i'm trying to see if any of these cars have to use their windshield wipers this morning. there is a marine layer deepening, especially around the coast. just a heads up, temperature's mainly in the '50s. by this afternoon but clouds will really stick around especially along the coast. temperatures will not warm up as much as we have seen the past couple of days, only reaching
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into the low 80s. 60s around today and upper fifties around the coast. it will definitely feel cooler today than what we have seen so far this week. fog should be burning off around much of the bay area by this afternoon. 61 in san francisco. only the upper seventies in some of the inland areas. livermore is usually one of the warm spots, 79 degrees there. over the next several days, saturday and will be kind of the same and sunday of the high pressure builds in so we should feel temperatures noticeably warmer sunday monday and more seasonal weather by the middle of next week. >> to his lights out for the republican national convention
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as mitt romney hits the road hoping to build on momentum >> melissa griffin joins us live from tampa. how does it feel now that it is over? >> it is very humid but i appreciate being with you all week. i got some free stuff for you. for michelle and have nice jewelry for you. it is a pen, a little mitt romney pen but if you're a democrat you can just wear it like this. >> you got me some bling. you have been in the crowd and you talk to a lot of people who attended the convention including a german reporter? >> there was a german reporter sitting next to me last night
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who was very interesting. when clint eastwood began his performance, the german looked at me like what is this? is this how the most powerful nation in the world chooses its leaders? trying to explain that just makes it even more ridiculous, trying to say it is a pretend tough guy who is there for that reason and i have no idea what is going on. we were all completely baffled >> you just called clint eastwood a pretend tough guy. >> i don't think he has a criminal record or that we have evidence that he is actually stop a real crime but truthfully, i would not cross and. >> some things you saw that we did not see on tv? >> a number of things happened in the audience, one that i think is important for people to
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know is that there were protesters who did get into the form. there were three of them from code pink and about two minutes into romney speech they stood up holding up a banner and i believe they were yelling about the influence of money and corporate money in politics. they were quickly drowned out by the crowd who started chanting usa to cover up the noise and then they were escorted out. it did happen despite extraordinary security measures that were taken here. it will be interesting to see what happens at the democratic convention if we have many similar breaches or protests. >> remember, i'm extra-large and we need stuff next week as well. >> next week melissa will be reporting live from the democratic convention in charlotte >> a great,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the bay area college football season kicks off this evening at san jose state heads to stanford. >> pro football preseason ended last night for bay area teams. the 49ers pounded the san diego chargers 35-3. the 49ers backup quarterback was 12-18. it was not such a happy outcome for the oakland raiders in seattle. this interception thrown by the raiders' backup kind of said it all.
6:26 am
seattle wins 19-3. >> the play of the day comes from the broncos and cardinals exhibition game. michael floyd makes a spectacular catch in the end zone. denver ended up winning on a last-second field goal. both the giants and the a's swept their series. >> coming up, 26 minutes after 6:00. the hunt for a millionaire, the lucky bay area man who is not coming forward to collect his lottery winnings. >> pillhead >> make my day >> this man creating quite the buzz. the unscripted speech at the rnc that might have upstaged mitt romney. >> a warning for drivers, the dumbarton bridge will,,
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>> good morning everyone. >> mitt romney except the gop nomination but is clint eastwood who's getting all the buzz >> the search for a mystery lottery winner. that and more in your morning minute. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states >> mitt romney is officially his party's presidential nominee >> this president can tell us that the next four years you
6:31 am
will get it right but he cannot tell us your better off today than when he took office >> the man who almost pulled show >> what you want me to tell romney? i can't tell him to do that, go ahead >> make my day >> isaacs has been downgraded from a tropical storm to a tropical depression but is still causing problems >> to more deadly cases of the hantavirus infection have been diagnosed >> we are tearing apart places that we feel the mice might be getting in >> charged with homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and felony battery >> i was left in a basket on the doorstep of cbs >> the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> this morning everybody, breaking news from off the coast of the philippine islands. a 7.9 earthquake has struck the
6:32 am
eastern side of the country. the tsunami warning has been posted for parts of indonesia, the philippines, taiwan, llama, japan, and other areas. stay with us for more. >> at least three people are dead from an overnight shooting in the shopping center in the town of old bridge. the store was not open at the time but some employees were there. the mayor has reported that the suspect was at a former marine who worked at the store briefly and he used an ak-47 and a pistol. >> it will be harder to get from one side of the bay to the other this weekend. >> the first bridge to ever stand the day will be shut down for three days. >> i am here on the new work
6:33 am
side of the bridge. it is open until 10:00 tonight. traffic is moving slowly but smoothly right now and the closure will run all weekend long through 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. you read may remember that the bridge was closed over memorial day weekend. this is part of that same project. >> the main work for the weekend is to replace an existing seismic joint that it gives the bridge about 20 in. of movement in an earthquake with a new state of the art larger seismic joint which gives the bridge another 22 in. of movement, 42 in. total. >> they need to shut the whole thing down, the bridge carries 61,000 vehicles per day and spans 1.6 mi. between alameda and san mateo counties.
6:34 am
people will need to find a new way around and one of the best routes is the san mateo bridge. >> as she said, the san mateo bridge would be a very good option to get around the closure of the dumbarton bridge. so far traffic is moving slowly in both directions. you might see busier conditions because more people might use it because of the closure. elsewhere, jumping over to the maps, 237, that is also a great alternate in both directions instead of the dumbarton bridge. if you can use mass transit that is always a good choice as well. we have reports of an accident along 101 affecting the main lines of the freeway. the actual accident is on the
6:35 am
right shoulder but fire crews have shut down the right lane to clear it out of the roadway. there are injuries reported so we are seeing slight delays. overall in very quiet commute. westbound 580 we do have an accident causing slow conditions at 3 the altamont pass. >> we have our local forecast and we are continuing to watch a tropical depression isaac moving north. it is now focused on arkansas where you can see the center. it will continue to move north and east slowly over the midwest. some areas could see up to
6:36 am
four-6 in. of rain. just a heads up if you have travel plans around that area. closer to home we're dealing with fog and drizzle around the bay with temperatures mainly in the fifties. 58 in livermore, mid-50s in san francisco. you might need your windshield wipers this morning. much of the low clouds and fog will burn off by this afternoon, a especially around the bay. temperatures will definitely be on the cooler side. only a high of 66 degrees in oakland. upper seventies in livermore. coming up we will look at the rest of the long holiday weekend forecast. >> mitt romney and paul ryan wasting no time getting back on the campaign trail with rallies in florida and virginia. romney expected the nomination
6:37 am
as the party grew to a close in tampa last night >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states >> romney did not hold back when giving his performance evaluation of barack obama >> you know there's something wrong with the kind of job he has done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him >> he will be the target of those kinds of barbs next week when the democrats hold their national convention >> before romney took the stage last night there were several speeches made that were not televised. people talked about romney support during difficult times. ann romney shared why we don't often hear those stories >> when something is that dear and close your heart, there is something that you use by trying to shine a spotlight on you. when someone is going to real difficulties, you don't talk
6:38 am
about how you did this and how you did that, that's not what we do it. we do it to be there for one another >> you can hear more from ann romney on cbs this morning starting at 7. clint eastwood speech, phil will join us along with san francisco mayor ed lee and former mayor willie brown at 645. >> in san jose firefighters remains hospitalized after he suffered a heart attack while battling a downtown church fire. he just came out of the st. patrick's cathedral yesterday when he collapsed. fellow firefighters revive him and he was rushed to the regional medical center where he was put in a medically induced coma. he is reported in critical but stable condition and the cause of the fire is under investigation starting today several classes will be held in a brand new building at trace elementary.
6:39 am
the school in san jose lost the old building in a fire two years ago. two teenagers were arrested in that case. the grand opening ceremony for the new building will be held at 830 this morning. the man who won last month's mega millions trying has yet to claim his money. >> there are some clues that the winner is where he won all that money. kate is that the store in fremont where the winning ticket was purchased. where is he? >> i have no idea. that is the $52 million question. we're hoping he is awake right now and watching this because we do have a picture. this is surveillance photo of that man, the mystery millionaire. now the california lottery is hoping he will turn himself in. he bought his ticket at this
6:40 am
quick stop on walnut avenue in fremont. the winner checked his ticket multiple times at a couple of supermarkets in the area but he has still not claimed it. according to the california lottery website he has exactly one year to claim the money which would total about $40.5 million. in the past two years, $20.5 million has gone unclaimed in lottery tickets. basically we are hoping he steps forward. >> if he has checked his ticket he knows that you want? >> maybe it is this belief. if that is you, please step forward and come talk to us afterwards because i'm sure we
6:41 am
are related in some way >> we have our theories. we think he just doesn't want to tell his friends and family. >> he will probably wait for the deadline and then just claim it and leave. >> mitt romney up stage. some highlights from clint eastwood speech last night >> a last-second tackles saves this runner from making a big mistake. >> the market's just open 10 minutes ago. things are looking pretty good on this friday morning. coming up we will get an update ,,,,,,
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>> the goal for mitt romney presidential campaign to have everyone focused on last night's speech. the result this morning, people cannot stop church and talking about dirty harry >> what you want me to tell him? i can't tell him to do that. he can't do that to himself. go ahead >> make my day! >> the former mayor of carmel helped introduce romney last night and eastwood's appearance have even spark a twitter trend today >> phil is with mayor ed lee and former mayor willie brown. the first possible theoretical republican national convention that he could remember would-be 1976. >> i realize i am kind of old.
6:46 am
i suspect with my skills and ability i should have known but i don't remember >> that one is going in the books. i have to ask you if you have ever seen anything like clint eastwood last night? >> not really, but it was not unexpected. they said a surprise guest >> mayor lee, you're probably out running around town trying to take care of san francisco problems but you will be going to the democratic convention as well >> i will be very excited. i have not been to convention since 1984 when the democratic convention was held here. i'm excited, i have a couple of panel's leading up to the meetings. those panels will involve mayors from across the country to talk about pension reform >> do they actually do that? he
6:47 am
is going to go golfing >> not in charlotte >> back to this convention, clint eastwood has succeeded in but one thing, he made mitt romney sound reasonable and good. >> clint was doing what he does, republicans fought from the super bowl appearance that he made, you recall he did that great commercial, they thought it would be something similar. that was scripted. clint is an actor. he cannot come off any other way so give him something to read or some structure, otherwise he is on his own >> what is the politics of this. you're up there giving speeches and sometimes you have introductory remarks. how do you react when you get something like that? >> i tried to get right back to the theme and i know ours will be jobs jobs jobs.
6:48 am
that is what i think bringing all these people across the country is all about. the convention will be open to the public. in addition to $6,000 gifts, some 35,000 people are coming. i think it is a wonderful time to bring this country together >> will it be a script affair like we saw in tampa? >> what you see on television will be scripted. all of what he is talking about will be off script unless it helps obama get reelected. i think it would be fascinating to see ed lee, some 20 years later at another convention but now, it is an official capacity and important official capacity, the number one asian mayor in the country >> as opposed you in 1932. i will leave without one.
6:49 am
another ruling in apple verses samsung, this time from japan. >> apple is not having the same success in its patent battle with samsung overseas that it has in the u.s. where one week ago it won a $1 billion. the jury of the court in tokyo is saying that in this case samsung did not violate technology between tablets and smart phones. a couple of weeks ago a south korean court basically came up with a deadlock between the companies saying they violated each other's patents. reports yesterday's a ceo of apple and google have had high level meetings talking about patents. the google android is at the
6:50 am
center of this spat between manufacturers. ben bernanke says in jackson hole wyoming this morning, we're looking for further hints of easing on the market. markets drop on rising doubts. the market is looking fairly solid early on, the dow is up and facebook shares are at a new record low at $18.30. research analysts say that advertisers are paying facebook less for their marketing. >> we're on the verge of one of the most important weather forecasts of a month. a three day weekend. >> a little bit cloudy out the door right now. the fog will stick around on
6:51 am
the coast this afternoon, otherwise we will see clearing in wind in and around the bay. mid-50s in san francisco. upper 50s in concord and oakland. this afternoon we warm things up but not as warm as earlier this week. fifties and sixties around the coast and the bay. allot of low clouds and fog, a little bit of drizzle if you are heading off to work this morning. by this afternoon, 79 in livermore. only in the low sixties in san francisco. saturday we will not see much of a temperature difference. high pressure builds in on
6:52 am
sunday and we will see warmer temperatures sunday and monday. labor day, if you have monday off, mild to warm temperatures. i will just mention a quick thing, if you're looking for something fun to do, the sausalito festival kicks off with temperatures in the mid- 60s. >> no complaints at the bay bridge this morning. first, look at mobile 5. this is a live look at conditions along 880. you notice he has his windshield wipers on. jumping over to the bay bridge right now, no delays or metering lights. many people are taking advantage of the holiday weekend. things might get busier this afternoon has people head out of town.
6:53 am
would have an accident still in effect northbound 101 sfo. you can always use 280 as an alternate. the dumbarton bridge closes tonight at 10:00 until 5:00 tuesday morning >> coppen state university football season got off to an interesting start. one of their players recovers a fumble and runs it back the wrong way. but look at this, the team they are playing actually pushed him out of bounds. if they left him he would have scored a touchdown for them. penn state ends up winning. >> no shortage of mistakes in that event. coming up, a final look at the top stories including an
6:54 am
earthquake off the coast of the philippines this morning. we will be back with the latest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> a developing story we have been following, a 7.6 earthquake has struck off the coast we're told that power is out in several cities. developing news out of new jersey, an overnight shooting left at least three people dead at a store in new jersey. the shooter was one of those killed.
6:58 am
the man was a former marine who worked briefly at the store. he says the man left and returned wearing camouflage and carrying an ak-47. >> the first bridge across the bay, the dumbarton bridge, will be closed for the labor day weekend. it is set to reopen tuesday morning. crews will be working to improve seismic stability on the bridge. >> many drivers want to know alternate routes >> the best bet is the san mateo bridge. you can see both directions look good right now so hopefully it will stay like this this weekend. conditions right now look pretty good. no metering lights just get an traffic looks clear all the way
6:59 am
in to san francisco. >> some of the fog you see is causing delays on arrivals right now sfo. one hour 11 minutes according to the website. temperatures out the door are mainly in the '50s. cooler today and tomorrow until we finally warm up again on sunday and monday. >> the dumbarton will be closed and you can try alternate routes and you can also swim. >> about one hour ago a bay area man jumped into lake tahoe. he will be in the water for 40-45 hours >> he is raising money for the sierra club. he will travel 68 mi. traveling the circumference of the lake. the circumference of the lake.


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